Unable to catch her breath, Marjorie Taylor Greene says "masking children is child abuse"

Conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene is at it again with more outrageous remarks about masks. Last spring she compared having to wear masks in the House to "being taken to gas chambers in Nazi Germany." Now the Georgia congresswoman says that requiring children to wear masks at school is child abuse.

"I'd like to talk about how children feel about wearing masks," said anti-science Greene. "You see, while they're watching television, seeing Super Bowl games, where adults are filling stadiums without masks and enjoying themselves, they are forced to wear masks every single day at school and it's wrong. Actually it's child abuse."

She later resorts to Shakespearean poetry to get her point across. "Now while Democrats are going on 'with a mask for thee and not for me,' kids have had enough … It needs to end. Masking children is child abuse."

It was yet another bizarro moment on the House floor with Marge, not only for her offensive comparison of masks to the horrors of child abuse — but for her odd display of what seemed like the jitters, racing through sentences and audibly breathing when she did stop long enough to catch her breath.