Virginia Governor Youngkin unapologetic for cyberbullying a teen on Twitter

The least surprising thing you'll learn today is that Youngkin the Trumpkin enjoys attacking 17-year-old boys on Twitter.

This weekend, Virginia high schooler Ethan Lynee tweeted, "The historian tasked with teaching about slavery at the Virginia Governors Mansion just resigned after finding the Youngkins converted her classroom into a family room and emptied her office. Shameful."

Youngkin replied by trying to smear Lynne with a photo of Lynne standing next to former Governor Ralph North and another high school photo of North in blackface. Youngkin's tweet said, "Here's a picture of Ethan with a man that had a Blackface/KKK photo in his yearbook."

Lynne replied on Twitter:

We all know that Youngkin has an agenda to attack and endanger students and last night proved that. I will not be intimidated by these attacks and will and will continue to be a voice for students across the commonwealth.

Youngkin deleted the post on Sunday morning without a fauxpology.

It's interesting to note that when Youngkin's 17-year-old son attempted to illegally vote twice for him, Youngkin scolded reporters for mentioning it. "It's my 17-year-old son and I would really like everybody to leave my family alone," snipped the hypocritic Trump sycophant.