Tale of the tape: the human experience shown through art

Macro-focusing on life can either make you feel peace or existential dread. I tend to fall into the latter category. Whenever life's impermanence confronts me, I weirdly find it relaxing instead of unnerving. I think to myself, "in the grand scheme of things, this whole event- my life included- is so minuscule. Whatever problem I'm facing is meaningless," and smile. 

I know for other people, it's the inverse. Staring at the maw of eternity and one's place in it can lead to a barrage of unsettling thoughts. Typically, people fend off these thoughts by fleeing to art. If you fit this description, I apologize for the art linked in this post. 

Cleverly using pieces of tape, artist Rene Patrick Martinez explores the human life cycle with a compelling piece of art. The entire work is a poignant reminder of life's aforementioned impermanence because the process of unveiling the art destroys the piece.