A quick and easy recipe for cheeseburger bites

Now that I'm older, I finally understand. My mom was right; we have food at home. Instead of melting my paycheck at Mcdonalds', I'm learning the joys of making burgers and treats at home. Did you know that you can make milkshakes—at home? I know; I was taken aback too. Moreover, the milkshake machine (or blender, as the layman like to call) at your house is like the inverted version of the one at Mickey Ds, in that it works 95 percent of the time.

In my pursuit of clogging my arteries in the comfort of my domicile, I've found that Instagram houses a treasure trove of delicious recipes. Take, for example, the succulent cheeseburger bites linked above. With a handful of common ingredients, you too can whip up these calorie-saturated snacks while your treadmill disdainfully glares at you from across the room. Who said being an adult was boring?