Man says Qanoners told him his wife was a child sex trafficker working for the CIA, so he shot and killed her

Troy Burke (45) says he shot his wife in the head three times in the head because his Qanon compatriots told him she was a transgender child of President Biden involved in a CIA child sex trafficking ring.

Burke is one of many Qanoners who kill people who don't share their politics. From Insider:

In December 2020, Nashville bomber Anthony Warner injured three people and killed himself after detonating explosives inside his RV. Before the incident, Warner had espoused the QAnon-linked fringe belief that reptilian humanoids control the world

Last June, Anthony Beckett, a QAnon believer in the UK, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for attempted murder after attacking his pregnant partner in January 2021. Beckett was convinced that he needed to kill his family ahead of the "great revelation" on January 20, 2021 — Biden's inauguration day. 

And in August 2021, California surf instructor and QAnon follower Matthew Taylor Coleman was indicted in the deaths of his children— a 2-year-old boy and 10-month-old girl — with a spearfishing gun. Coleman told authorities the children had DNA from "lizard people" and would become monsters. 

For some reason the judge declared Burke not guilty by reason of insanity, even though Qanoners pride themselves on being very stable geniuses.