New species of crocodile found with dinosaur in its belly

Australian paleontologists have discovered a new species of crocodile with the remains of a dinosaur it had eaten in its belly. Unfortunately, both the crocodile and the ornithopod apparently died 95 million years ago. The researchers from the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum have named the new crocodile species Confractosuchus sauroktonos ("broken dinosaur killer"). From the BBC:

The fossil was first discovered in 2010 [near Winton, Queensland] and took 6 years to piece together. As the bones were too fragile, and inside a chunk of rock, technology allowed experts to pinpoint where exactly the bones were.

An expert from the museum, Dr Matt White, says the crocodile and its last meal will give "clues to the relationships and behaviours of animals" that lived in Australia millions of years ago!

image: Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum