Turkey to change official name to Türkiye in hopes of ending association with hapless yet delicious bird

Türkiye, as it is known in Turkish, plans to use that name internationally henceforth instead of the English word Turkey. The connotations with the bird of plate and plight are too much for president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who said the new name "represents and expresses the culture, civilisation, and values of the Turkish nation in the best way".

The Turkish government is planning to change its internationally recognised official name in English to Türkiye by registering it to the United Nations in coming weeks, two Turkish officials told Middle East Eye. The government could change the name with a simple notification to the UN registry but the letter "Ü", which isn't in the nominal Latin alphabet, could be a problem. Türkiye means Turkey in Turkish. One senior Turkish official said Ankara hadn't discussed the "Ü" issue with the UN yet, but the source was hopeful that a solution could be found. Some observers said one such remedy could be using "U" instead of "Ü" in the new name. 

Phonetically, in English, it becomes "Turkeer" or "Turkeyer"—easier than Czechia, at least.