Car insurance shouldn't be confusing & this provider knows it

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We all need to get out of the house. For those of us who've been raising children at home throughout the pandemic, and those of us who've been working endless hours at home — we need to be able to take breaks. As time goes on, we're only spending more time at home, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The car is a fantastic tool for getting out, and it can be a lifesaver during times like these, unless driving becomes a headache in its own right. 

Of course, unforeseen problems, accidents, and incidents are sometimes unavoidable, and so insurance is a necessity to avoid bringing more stress to life on the road. But then again, most insurance providers tend to come with their own batch of issues. Overly complicated processes, difficult to process claims, and over-priced policies challenge countless drivers. Clearcover has figured out how to do away with all that. Clearcover makes filing claims easy and getting paid fast an actual possibility.

You can switch car insurance at any time, and it's especially easy to do with Clearcover, which makes every step of the process easy. Featuring around-the-clock customer support and interactive onboarding tools like the 60-Second Coverage Wizard — Clearcover is designed with everyday convenience in mind. Their award-winning app also makes managing your policy a breeze. Customers are able to get quick access to their policy documents, file a claim, process payments or request roadside assistance with a few finger taps.

Clearcover's no stranger to the spotlight with loads of rave reviews across notable publications including Insider, Reuters, and VentureBeat. Their website also features a number of testimonials from customers who've shared how much they were able to save compared to their previous insurance companies. One user named Jamie Vita rated Clearcover 5/5 stars and wrote, "By switching from Farmers Insurance, I was able to save over a hundred dollars and got better coverage. Highly recommended." 

Vita's sentiments are echoed by users who came from Liberty Mutual, Progressive, AAA, and so on. These people are busy professionals who appreciate the simplicity and time-saving nature of opening a policy with Clearcover along with the money they saved.

Getting the coverage you need shouldn't be a hassle. Visit for more details and get a free, no-obligation quote in minutes.