Several Ukrainian celebrities are headed to the front lines

Harrowing images of Ukrainian civilians fighting for their soil are ubiquitous, but the bravery on display doesn't dull the barbarity exhibited by Putin and his footsoldiers. 

In response to the invasion, several prominent Ukrainian celebrities have decided to ignore their fame and wealth to engage in the defense of their homeland. Ukrainian boxers such as Vasiliy Lomachenko, Oleksander Usyk, and the Klitschko Brothers have all joined the effort to repel the Russian incursion.

"It's already a bloody war," Klitschko, a Hall of Fame boxer, said Thursday on ITV's "Good Morning Britain." "… I don't have another choice. I have to do that. I would fight."

Update: Miss Ukraine 2015, Anastasiia Lenna (pictured above), received much attention juxtaposing her role as a beauty queen with that of the active combatant—but it turns out she is only posing.