Angle grinders tested

I can't post every tool roundup posted by Project Farm, but I want to. The latest, though, is too dear to my heart to skip: portable angle grinders. We find that a $50 knockoff Makita is fine—and better than Ryobi!—but no match for the real thing. This video is great because the test is how long each grinder takes to cut through rebar: a straightforward race to the finish. In this context, Todd Osgood's frenzied narration seems almost like a parody of sportcasters. So this roundup is a bit like watching Animalympics.

P.S. I have the Milwaukee [amazon link] that won the roundup: pricey, but worth it if you like angle-grinding things. I bought it to cut a gutter around the base of an interior brick wall so that a new floating floor could heat-expand at the edges of the room, and it flew through the brick like marshmallow.