The Russian military's logistical problems explained

In a 20-minute segment, Wendover Productions examines the failed logistics of Russia's war on Ukraine. The Russian army is the junkyard that we've seen portrayed in media, but it's large and powerful all the same. The critical problem for it is logistics: it can't project a supply chain beyond its borders for more than a few days.

That's what the "convoy" really is: a crude in-situ supply dump massing near Kyiv so that an attack can be maintained for more than three meals. And Russia's getting desperate, so the carnage will be worse when it finally comes. Just because Putin's clever plans have failed—no swift decapitation of Ukraine's government, no chance of covering it as a "special operation", no way to avoid crushing Western sanctions—doesn't mean he can't just shell it all into oblivion.

One funny thing from this video: Russia's military communications are mostly analog radio: locals listen in and troll them.