Gay Florida cop relieved of duty after pulling gun on hookup who stole his wallet

Miami police sergeant and union president Tommy Reyes hooked up with a guy on Grindr and it didn't go well: the man stole his wallet, reports the Miami New Times, and tried to blackmail him. When they met up again, Reyes pulled a gun on the man and, allegedly, roughed him up while waiting for his brothers in blue to arrive. To his surpise, this led to legal and career trouble of his own.

In an email to members of the Miami FOP last month, Reyes wrote that his suspension came after a complaint from an anonymous party.

"I was [relieved of duty] based on an anonymous complaint," he wrote. "I cannot go into details as it is an open investigation, I will stand strong and tell you my brothers and sisters that I was the victim of a crime, and I am once again being victimized by some of our own people." …

I wonder what it is about the gay cop in Florida which means the thin blue line isn't there for him.