PutterBall is a backyard golf game that can take your backyard shindigs to the next level

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The summer is almost upon us, so backyard bonding with friends can resume, and we can shake the cold-weather activities away until fall. We're not going to be coy; we're tired of whatever college taught us was socially acceptable during an outdoor day with friends and definitely want to make an addendum to the run-of-the-mill park and pilsner event before it becomes too rowdy. This PutterBall Backyard Golf Game is an unexpected addition to what you and your crew are used to when it's time to get competitive on a warm Sunday Funday. 

If you're looking for a backyard game that doesn't involve the same old beanbags you keep losing and rebuying, you may want to give the PutterBall a shot (pun definitely intended). Instead of throwing balls and bags with no rhyme or reason, this game enmeshes your favorite sport of golf and your favorite pastime of drinking beers in the backyard with buds into one fantastic event. Even the guy who falls asleep to Tiger's greatest games might enjoy this.

What's more, this game can go just about anywhere with you. Need a tailgate staple? Boom, golf. Need something to bring to your next block party? Hello PutterBall! Need to brighten up that mandatory office happy hour no one is exactly thrilled to join in on? We think you get the picture here. Even if the folks that join in don't have experience on the back nine, they can still get a kick out of this game (or a putt because, you know, golf).

Check out what Golf Digest, GOLF, Men's Humor, and USAG are raving about. Get the PutterBall Backyard Golf Game, which includes 12 turf hole covers, two mini gold putters, and two PutterBall logo performance golf balls, for $169.99 (Reg. $189.99) with code PUTTER10.

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