Here's a funny sketch about Prince William returning from Jamaica

It's been a rough couple of years for the royal family. Well, about as rough as things for a generationally affluent, impossibly famous crew of legitimate royalty can be. In addition to the death of Prince Phillip, the Windsor house had to contend with a nasty allegation of racism from a fairly reliable source. And by a reliable source, I mean Meghan Markle: the wife and mother of Prince Harry's two biracial children. Plus, Prince Andrew's extremely public association with Jeffery Epstein, and the sexual abuse lawsuit he settled out of court, didn't win the Windsor family any favors in the court of public opinion. After all that, it's easy to see why Prince William and Kate Middleton might want a vacation.

As we're all aware, Prince William's Caribbean holiday went pretty sideways. Looking to curtail other countries from following in Barbados' footsteps by leaving the British Commonwealth, Prince William and Kate Middleton ventured to the Caribbean and were met with ample resistance. Seemingly under duress, after a string of protests related to their arrival, William apologized for his family's role in Jamacia's horrific history of slavery. The whole thing- which was designed to be a photo op- became a mess. 

To accompany the soundtrack of the world's smallest violin playing for the Windsor family, I present you with a hilarious sketch from British comedian Munya Chawawa mocking Prince William's ill-fated Caribbean excursion.