Watch a tiger save a man from a leopard attack

The duality of being a fan of animals essentially boils down to, "you can look, but you can't touch." Most beasts exude a subtle and majestic beauty that draws you towards them. However, once you're close enough to pet one, you remember why human beings labored so ardently to distance themselves from wild animals. Some outliers within the human race can playfully engage with the most carnivorous creatures and live to tell the tale, but—regardless of their communion with animals or the extent of their training—the story behind every person who interacts with predators ends the same way. If Sigfried and Roy couldn't keep their tigers at bay, what chance does anyone else have?

Some brave soul lounging with jungle cats in the video above almost finds himself on the business end of a leopard's claw. Luckily for the star of the meme, his bond with the various jungle cats around saves him from becoming a human tube of Gogurt.