Watch the full length Clones of Bruce Lee

Very few actors will ever have the immediate impact Bruce Lee created with his brief film career. Once Enter the Dragon was released in August 1973, a month after Lee's death; the film became a cultural phenomenon and cemented the kung fu film genre in the West. Consequently, every studio (East or West) began searching for its own version of Bruce Lee. Unlike Golden Harvest and Shaw Studios, who invested in actors who possessed the potential to become the next Bruce Lee, other studios attempted to trademark their own "Bruce Lee."

From Bruce Li to Bruce Lai and every variation between, there was a litany of Lee knockoffs in the 70s. In one of the most meta Hollywood decisions of all time, one movie sought to wrangle all of the faux Bruce Lees into one film titled: The Clones of Bruce Lee. In the film, Bruce Lee gets cloned after his death and… you know what, you just have to watch it. Check out the whole movie in the video linked above.