Having trouble hitting the hay? This organic CBD spray might help, and it's 25% off

Over-the-counter and prescription sleeping pills can be hard on your body and simply delay an existing problem with your sleep or overall health. The short-term boost is just not worth it. Alternatively, cannabidiol (CBD) might offer the same benefits without drawbacks. This may include mental clarity, help with stress and anxiety, and enhanced long-term sleep

One way you can consume CBD is with the Rejuvia CBD Spray, which is currently 25% off for $29.95. It's extracted from organic hemp plants and crafted in a safe and clean environment. Rejuvia claims this spray can help all kinds of users, whether you have some terrible sleep debt (hello, new parents!) or if you toss-and-turn a bit too much. 

Rejuvia utilizes "nano-emulsification technology" to amplify the absorption of the CBD. The company's Midnight Breeze CBD Sleep Spray specifically fuses THC-free, organic CBD with a special blend of sleepytime botanicals, adaptogens (herbs and/or mushrooms with health benefits), and essential oils. This milieu includes organic, broad-spectrum hemp extract, St. John's Wort extract, Valerian root, and Gingko Biloba, which may improve mental clarity, enhance sleep, repair your body physically, and provide anti-inflammatory properties respectively. 

You simply spray under your tongue (it's minty) four-to-six times, about 15 minutes before bed, your first few nights of use. After that, up the dosage to six-to-eight times, also 15 minutes before bedtime. 

"I'll be the first to say that the spray did NOT disappoint," wrote reviewer Camille Johnson. "The first night that I tried this, I used the spray alone aside from the other two products just to see how it would work. After using the recommended amount, I slept like a baby that night. I've been using it every night since then."

Getting enough sleep — deep, restful sleep, at that — can improve your mental prowess, energy, calm, and general outlook on the world. The Rejuvia CBD Spray may offer a natural way to give yourself a hand in that regard. At just $29.95, it might be an opportunity worth checking out.

Prices subject to change.