Stay safe in the wild and during emergencies with this 6-in-1 Firebiner and Wombat Whistle

Wherever you go, it's always important to feel safe and protect yourself and your loved ones during emergencies. With the Firebiner + Wombat Whistle by Outdoor Element, you'll be more than prepared to act and call for help with confidence, all for just $19.94.

Whether you're an adventure seeker or just want to be prepared for any and all situations, these safety tools can be a valuable resource wherever you need to go. The 6-in-1 Firebiner survival multitool is built to take action fast when you're in an outdoor or crisis scenario. Made out of durable stainless steel, the Firebiner tool includes a firestarter, carabiner, bottle opener, screwdriver, utility blade, and keychain holder — a genuine, multifaceted lifesaver. 

Using EverSparkTechnology, the Firebiner can start a fire within seconds, making it a must-have for camping trips or hiking outdoors. Best of all, the hang slots make it easy for you to take your tool everywhere you go and attach it to a set of keys, ring, clasp, or a bag. 

You can take your safety further with the Wombat Whistle and Vial Kit. The Wombat Whistle is a custom-made, high-pitched whistle that can be heard from a mile away and may be vital during a rescue situation. The whistle itself also has a water-tight vial to keep a fire-starter dry and suppressed when necessary. Additionally, the Wombat kit comes with three cotton TinderQuiks that might come in handy when lighting fires and can maintain a flame for 1 to 2 minutes. Lastly, the Wombat Whistle barrel features a swivel clip to perfectly latch onto your Firebiner tool and create the ultimate safety duo. 

For the low price of $19.94, you can get the Firebiner 6-in-1 multitool and Wombat whistle vial kit and rest easy, knowing you're safe wherever you go. 

Prices subject to change.