Woman with real estate degree masqueraded as a physician for three years, saw patients, prescribed medicine

In 2018, a 31-year-old woman from Meaux, France, identified as Sonia, decided to go into business as a general physician. Thing is, her college degree was in real estate management. Regardless, Sonia apparently forged diplomas and a certificate to practice medicine and hung her shingle as a general physician. She apparently performed vaccinations and prescribed medicine. Why? Money, of course. From Oddity Central:

The woman not only practiced medicine for almost three years until being exposed in October of 2021, but she then moved on to the next best professional career, this time becoming an ophthalmologist. To make matters worse, for most of her time as a physician, Sonia wore a tagging bracelet around her ankle, for crimes committed previous to her appointment as a GP.

The court sentenced Sonia to three years in prison.

image: Yavdat/Shutterstock.com