Check out this dove and branch made out of chocolate.

There are usually three camps when it comes to food. On the one hand, you have people that view food as fuel and eschew any unnecessary calories, flavors, or ornamentation. On the opposing side of the fence are those who disregard food as nutrition and focus only on taste. And somewhere in the middle are the people that treat food as an art form and an experience. This epicurean class of artists and aficionados are beloved by both sides, as they remind the other culinary sects that food can serve as a vessel for beauty. In some ways, the cuisine these foodies create or celebrate speaks to the impermanence of life: possessing a fleeting beauty that's tragically bound for consumption. 

In the post embedded above, pastry chef Amaury Guichon turns chocolate into a stunning piece of art by forging it into a dove. The piece and the process are both a trip to watch.