Firefighters rescue woman who fell into pit toilet while trying to retrieve her phone

Firefighters were called to Mount Walker in Brinnon, Washington to rescue a woman who fell into a pit toilet attempting to retrieve the cell phone she dropped in it. She reportedly used her dog's leashes so as not to fall in but that didn't go as planned and she slid in head first. She spent 20 minutes attempting to climb out before calling 911 which fortunately was still working. From KIRO:

Firefighters found her inside, assessed the situation and then made a tall makeshift cribbing platform, which was passed down, helping her to stand on, crews said[…]

The firefighters said she was "washed down and given a Tyvek suit to wear," and then was strongly encouraged to pursue medical attention after being exposed to human waste.

However, they said she just wanted to leave and travel back to California.