Man returns from vacation to learn that he has died, according to the government

When Nick Fatouros of Montreal, Canada returned from a long vacation in Costa Rica, a rather upsetting letter was awaiting him. The official government letter informed Fatouros that he was deceased and that officials hoped his estate would pay his $1,092 speeding ticket.

"I was laughing," Fatouros remembers. "I said, 'Wow, that's news to me.'"

Fortunately, Fatouros said, his mother hadn't opened the letter while he was away.

From CTV News:

[…] A ministry spokesperson said in an email that the mix-up was a case of "human error."

"The Collector of Fines mistakenly used a letter template used to correspond with an estate rather than the one normally used to communicate with a defendant. We apologize for the situation," the email stated.

"An appropriate follow-up will be made with the citizen."

I hope Fatouros was able to get a refund on his funeral arrangements.