Rudy Giuliani hints he'd like to work for President Zelensky in cringe video

With legal debts mounting and a suspended license that prevents him from practicing law, Rudy Giuliani now turns to Ukraine's President Zelensky in hopes of a job.

"Are you donating your time and energy to help Zelensky get the money from the oligarchs to defend themselves from Russia?" Steve Bannon asked the disgraced former New York City mayor.

"I am willing to do it. I mean, they haven't asked," the desperate Giuliani said.

He then gave his best elevator pitch: "I don't know if they want me around, since I know where all the bodies are buried, particularly their bodies, not just ours. And I have a relationship with their prosecutors that gets the best out of them. Meaning, you know, like every country, not everybody's corrupt."

I don't think he'll be getting a call back from Zelensky anytime soon.