Rudy Giuliani's descent into debt and despair at Mar-a-Lago: a "nightmare world" of bankruptcy

Rudy Giuliani lost his assets, income, and reputation in an attempt to overthrow the United States government for his pal, Trump. Trump repaid him by eating his face.

And yet, the faceless former mayor of New York remains a fervent advocate for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party. Page Six vividly captures this irony, exposing Giuliani's descent into a "nightmare world" of bankruptcy and debt. This personal crisis sharply contrasts with the faux-opulence of Trump's Mar-a-Lago, a gilded Valhalla for the less sophisticated. Giuliani has "expressed disbelief" that "wakes up every day and can't believe it's real."

During a fundraiser for Arizona Republican Abe Hamadeh, Giuliani appeared out of place among the far-right elite who come to curry favor with their curry-colored boss. His presence at Mar-a-Lago, once a symbol of his stature, now serves as a backdrop to his financial downfall, made all the more stark against Trump's claims of having ample cash to fend off his own legal battles.

His frantic appeals for a financial bailout, showcased through the cringe-inducing Rudy Giuliani Freedom Fund is a desperate cry from a man who once stood shoulder to shoulder with Trump, only to be devoured and discarded like so many other Trump supporters who groveled for the meager crumbs that fell from his perpetually pursed lips.

No one wants Rudy hanging around. He's as persona non grata as Alan Dershowitz trying to get a reservation at the Red Cat Kitchen on Martha's Vineyard. But he appears incapable of grasping a basic truth: when you dine with leopards, it is wise to question the menu, lest you find yourself as the main course.

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