California MAGA candidate says she is praying for her god to deploy ballot-burning angels

Rachel Hamm, a Republican candidate for secretary of state in California, said she is counting on her god to do her a favor by sending his angels to monitor the election and burn fraudulent ballots.

"One thing that I have been doing is praying that if anyone tries to steal a vote, God would send the angels to steal the vote back. To make it an honest vote," she said in a video to her very fine stable genius fan base.

"Angels can do things. They can do jobs, so I think we should give them a job with the election. Help us make it an honest one. So, angels, if there are any fake ballots that have been produced, burn 'em up! Find 'em and destroy 'em. If votes are flipped in the machines, flipped away from the candidate someone voted for flip it back, and I don't care which way — if it's from me to someone else, because that's what's honest, should make it an honest vote. So I'm not asking for cheating. I'm not asking the angels to cheat. I'm asking the angels to prevent cheating, to make it honest. So I'm asking God, 'would you send the angels to do that?'"

Hamm says she is qualified to be Secretary of State because her young son saw Jesus in her bedroom closet, and Jesus was holding a scroll instructing her to run for office.