Shocker: MAGA man actually changes his mind at a Trump rally (video)

An astonishing discovery was made over the weekend at a Trump rally: the Kool-Aid doesn't always take.

At least this was the case with one "America first" Republican, who initially sided with Russia's Vladimir Putin, but actually listened to reason when journalist Adam Mockler explained why the United States is better off supporting Ukraine.

When first asked about the funding of Ukraine, the red-capped man parroted the MAGA party line, saying, "No, I don't think that should happen…Because we need to take care of America first." But then something strange happened. (See video below, posted by Adam Mockler.)

He actually listened when Mockler, affiliated with MeidasTouch, said, "I'd argue that funding Ukraine is exactly how we put America first. Because a lot of people think we're sending cash bags, but we're [*also] sending old military equipment, and after we send that military equipment, we get to create new American jobs to restock and re-pile that."

To which the Republican said, "That's, that's a good point." But it didn't end there.

When the man added that he still didn't oppose Putin, because the Russian dictator was simply "trying to run his own country," Mockler then brought up another good point.

"It's okay that he's running his own country, but the problem is when he tries to invade other countries next to him. So we should protect our allies, essentially," Mocker said to his nodding interviewee, who so far agreed.

"So to piece my argument together, we're creating new American jobs, and in the process, we get to protect an ally, a sovereign country, Ukraine," Mockler explained. "I think Vladimir Putin is a dictator. He's a threat. He's not a good guy. So I think we're protecting America's interest. I think this is exactly how we put America first. Can you see my point of view?"

And what looks to be a first at a Trump rally, the man used his mind to cut through the red propaganda tape. "That is a very good point. That's a good point." And it was as if a veil had been lifted, replaced by a kind smile and twinkling eyes. "You've educated me a lot. I appreciate that."

"Awesome," Mockler said. "We're both coming from the same point of view of putting America first."

The man did have one final question, though: "How old are you?" And when Mockler told him he was 21, the man said, "You're very wise for your age." And the same could be said for the rally-goer, who has somehow managed to regain at least some control over his noggin.

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*Note: Although Mockler didn't say the U.S. was not sending cash, he should have made it clear that the U.S. is indeed sending cash, as well as military equipment.