The Wachowskis are auctioning off Matrix movie props to raise money for trans youth

The Wachowski sisters are auctioning off a bunch of their movie props, from the Matrix franchise and other films, to raise money for trans youth. The money is being donated to the Protect and Defend Trans Youth Fund.

The anti-queer movement across the United States that's been making headlines in recent weeks is part of a larger effort across the globe to stamp out queer people, particularly those who are trans. As transphobic legislation is being enacted in the political sphere, organizations have been creating funds to help protect trans youth around the world. Lana and Lilly Wachowski, the sisters behind the Matrix films, Speed Racer, and Cloud Atlas, are holding an auction to help ensure the safety of trans kids and teens during this stressful time.

Through their "Enter the Matrix: The Wachowski Collection" auction, the sisters are selling items from their most popular works, including the aforementioned films and their Netflix cult classic, Sense8. On Twitter, Lilly called it "spring cleaning," with all of the auction's proceeds going to the Protect & Defend Trans Youth fund, which will donate all of its crowdfunded money to multiple trans organizations around the United States. You can also simply donate money by clicking the link above.

Image: Movie poster inset