The Dude's Pendleton sweater will keep me warm this winter

The Pendleton Westerly shawl collar sweater is super cool, but keeps me warm.

All my winter stuff is in storage and I have no access to it. I expected to be out of storage before the winter came, but now I am cold and without my favorite sweaters: cable knit shawl collar sweaters ala Steve McQueen. Deal is this: I have enough shawl collar sweaters in multiple colors that I do not need duplicates. When I am finally able to get all my stuff out of storage I will be very happy, but I have too much stuff.

Another sweater made famous by media that I love, and super comfortable too boot, is the Pendleton Westerly. This ultra-comfortable 3GG sweater immediately lets people know that you are a chill slacker who doesn't care much about anything, while also keeping you warm.

Vintage models are available on ebay and etsy, but Pendleton has been making an exact-ish replica of the Dude's sweater for a few years now.

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Can it be true? A working 'Dick Tracy Wrist Watch'

Oh boy! A working Dick Tracy Wrist Watch is probably second only to a working Class B9 Model M3 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot on my wishlist!

These guys don't tell you much, but if this lovely watch sounds similar to an Apple Watch on speakerphone-mode I'm probably in. CLOSE ENOUGH.

They already sell watches that look like a Dick Tracy watch, now, but only tell the time. While I am tempted, I'll wait for the real deal.

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