Second Wachowski sibling, Lilly, comes out as a transgender woman

The Wachowski Sisters. Deal with it. Read the rest

Honest Trailer for Jupiter Ascending celebrates the film’s absurdity

Honest Trailers usually points out the small inconsistencies of a film, but the Screen Junkies team decided to do something different with the Wachowskis' delightfully absurd Jupiter Ascending. Read the rest

Newest rumored contender to direct DC Comics' Justice League movie: The Wachowskis

After Ben Affleck denied that he was ever officially asked by Warner Bros. to direct the Justice League movie, a new name has been tossed into the internet rumor mill: Wachowski, as in Andy and Lana Wachowski of The Matrix (and Cloud Atlas, V For Vendetta, and Bound). The siblings are now apparently on the WB's short list to direct the DC Comics ensemble answer to Marvel's The Avengers. It's pure, unadulterated rumor right now, but it's a cool one, for sure. And Hugo Weaving would probably be on board for that, which is pretty boss. (via The AV Club) Read the rest