Keep a lifeline with you every time you're on the road with this discounted jump starter

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Picture this: You're down a dirt road, breeze in your hair from the top-down, sun in your face, and not a care in the world. Of course, there's nothing better than a long drive with just you and your thoughts, but nothing worse than trying to achieve that when your car has run out of steam and you need to make unfortunate alternative plans. This HULKMAN Alpha 85: 2000A Jump Starter could ensure you're never in that situation.

Let's talk about what the HULKMAN Alpha 85 is all about in terms of how it can benefit you and your car. Great for all types of 12V vehicles with up to 8.5L gas and 6.0L diesel engines, this baby gets 60 jump starts on a single charge. (But, if you need 60 jumpstarts, it may be time for a different car, don't you think?) Thanks to the 20,000mAh battery, you shouldn't lose your HULKMAN to a weak jump. Speaking of a jump to, well, jump about, the HULKMAN works its magic in about 1.5 hours per charge for a fully juiced up ride.

But the HULKMAN isn't just for cars. Unsurprisingly, this lifesaver can do much more than get you going. With USB-A, USB-C, and 12V DC ports, you can also give your electronics some life wherever your little heart desires. As long as there is a dead device afoot, the HULKMAN can be there to revive them.

Beyond its remarkable capabilities, the HULKMAN also comes with a pretty hefty 3.3-inch smart screen and is IP65 rain, dust, and drop resistant, in case you get stuck in the rain without protection (or in a massive dust storm, but let's steer clear of those please.)

Find out why 9to5Toys calls this baby "A game-changer in the industry" and Yahoo! Finance! calls it "the most advanced product series in the market." Get the HULKMAN Alpha 85: 2000A Jump Starter for $119.99 (Reg. $129).

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