Fisher Price baby gamepad toy turned into the real thing

Dylan "Rudeism" Beck hacked a Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Gamepad [Amazon] to be a real XBox controller and plans to show it off by thrashing some of Elden Ring's challenging foes. Best of all, it still has its original guts too, playing tinny sound effects and jingles as it goes. The Verge's Sean Hollister scored an interview with the modding maestro:

How does he get every Xbox button out of these limited controls, you might ask? Well, you can't get 'em all at once. But he did rig up the Fisher-Price slider as a mode selector that can let you have either a left or right analog stick at any given moment, as well as access to Start, Select and Guide buttons on A, B, and C. The "bumpers" can be both bumpers and triggers all on their own because they'll press a different switch depending on whether you rock them left or right.