Woman rants about free speech as she and companion are made to deboard flight over racist and homophobic slurs: "Elon Musk is the f*cking king!"

In footage posted to TikTok, a woman delivers an inchoate rant to her fellow passengers, occasionally assisted by a man seated beside her, as all aboard settle in for their flight out of West Palm Beach. By the time the cameras came out they'd allegedly delivered a volley of racial and homophobic slurs and been told they would have to deboard. The woman cries "free speech is dead!", gloats on the knowledge that her refusal to voluntarily deplane will result in the flight being delayed, then returns to muttering racist nonsense before delivering some impromptu praise for Elon Musk, "the fucking king". The disquisition on free speech continues as she declares her intention to sue the other passengers for their grumbled criticisms.

"Hey, I guarantee I make more money than you buddy."

Though details and context are nonexistent as of posting time, one commenter corroborates the incident and claims they have video of "everyone booing as they were kicked off the plane."

UPDATE: Here's their deplaning video, posted by anon on Vimeo. As you may have guessed, there were cheers in addition to boos.

Something about the call for free speech in the sky reminds me that United Airlines has a dress policy that forbids women from wearing leggings and short skirts if they're using a friends 'n' family ticket.