Michigan's "enjoy rape" MAGA candidate loses big to Democrat

MAGA favorite Robert Regan, who told his daughters to "lie back and enjoy it" if they were being raped, was trounced by Democrat Carol Glanville in a special election yesterday for a Michigan state House seat.

Glanville won in a district that The Washington Post says "twice voted overwhelmingly for Trump." But even Regan's best MAGA efforts to smear Glanville as a "groomer," suggest that the Covid-19 pandemic and Russian invasion of Ukraine were hoaxes, and that the election was stolen from Trump were insufficient to win the seat.

From The Washington Post:

"Republicans have held the 74th House District in Michigan for the past 30 years," Bonier told me. "Over the past decade, statewide Democrats have averaged just 38% of the vote there."

This swing, Bonier suggested, "may be an early indicator of the electorate reaching a breaking point with Republican extremism."

This is just one special election, and we cannot know how much it tells us about this fall's midterms. Republicans are working hard to avoid running extremists in House and Senate races, and they might to some extent succeed at that.