This Milex Long Reach Comfort Wipe makes it easier to wipe

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There are plenty of reasons someone may lose sight of their overall hygiene. Maybe it's because of ailing health, or perhaps it's because the decade hasn't finished its job of completely tearing us down yet. Either way, there's no shame in admitting we've missed the mark on staying squeaky clean. So let us help you nurse your body back to smelling like a bouquet of daisies with this Milex Long Reach Comfort Wipe.

For that, uh, clean feeling you've been looking for between your cheeks, the Milex Long Reach Comfort Wipe makes a great go-to. Great for those of us who find conventional wiping too strenuous or can't do so due to a medical condition, this handy dandy tool gets your tush tidy and taken care of. Designed with an ergonomic and contoured shape and a soft rubber handle, the Milex is about 15 inches long, so it can get all the tough spots just fine while still being ultra comfortable to use.

Speaking of comfort, the cushioned flexible end grabs toilet paper, tissues, or pre-moistened wipes without hassle but doesn't cause any discomfort while doing the dirty work. This way, you never lose your paper where it doesn't belong. Then, use the convenient release button to send that sucker straight down the drain when you're done.

All you need to do is hit the flusher (we haven't yet created a tool to help with that function, so until robots finish the job of world domination, you're on your own.) You can then go on to doing the things you love faster because you're not spending time nursing your back to health from bending to cleaning your crack; it's virtually mess-free. But that doesn't mean you can skip washing your hands. We're watching you.

Get the Milex Long Reach Comfort Wipe for $29.99.

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