Watch: cop threatens and grabs mother of Daunte Wright as she films highway arrest

Katie Wright, whose son Daunte Wright was killed by a Brooklyn Center police officer, was threatened and forced to stop filming an arrest by another cop there Wednesday. Though Wright was on the other side of the road and doing nothing to interfere with the arrest, the cop crossed multiple lanes of traffic (despite another officer telling him not to), threatened her, grabbed her arm, took her camera, and pulled her from her parked car.

"You guys killed my son and I'm gonna videotape it," she says and points in the direction of the traffic stop. "And if you take me to jail, I'm going to sue you."

"You can't sit on the side of the road!" the officer tells Wright.

"Do not ever touch me again," she responds.

"I'll send you a ticket in the mail," the officer eventually says, to which Wright responds, "then send me a ticket."

During Thursday's press conference, Wright questioned why the officer chose to say he would give Wright a ticket even though another officer told him not to do so.