Combine all your smoking tools into one accessory with the Rocket Grinder

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Smoking is supposed to be leisurely and stress-free, but it requires you to assemble so many tools at once that it can be a drag (and not the kind you're hoping for). But what if you can have all your tools in one place (or in one tool, for that matter)?

Whether you prefer smoking from a laser combustion device, vaporizer, or portable pipe, having a good herb grinder is essential to the process. Instead of fumbling with a singular-use ordinary grinder, you can now have a multifunctional grinder that doubles as a sleek keychain. The Rocket Grinder acts as a grinder, carrying container, and a one-hitter pipe all for the sale price of just $31.99.

This compact keychain can be broken down into three parts. The top is a grinder, the middle is a carrying container for your herbs, and the bottom twists off into a telescopic one-hitter pipe. Once you remove the pipe, you're left with a built-in funnel that's perfect to fill up any dry herb vaporizers. 

This five-star customer review describes all the great uses for the Rocket Grinder, "a 3 in 1 tool where you can grind your herbs, store your herbs and use the one hitter if you don't have paper or a cigar. Plus if you do have a cigar it's also useful for dispensing your herb in a cigar."

Not only is the Rocket Grinder practical and easy to use, but its stainless steel and leather materials also give a sophisticated look that can truly disguise and function as a keychain. Best of all, you don't have to worry about misplacing parts because as easy as it is to pull apart, the pieces will fit right back together, avoiding a mess when on the go. 

You can now smoke with both practicality and style for an affordable price with the Rocket Grinder keychain, 20% off its original price, and only $31.99. 

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