The Qanon Queen of Canada said not to pay utility bills. Her followers were shocked when their service was cut

Qanon folks in Canada are perplexed as to why their utilities stopped working after the queen of their nation, a very stable genius named Romana Didulo told them they didn't need to pay their bills.

From Vice:

"Dear (Queen Romana), when will the service companies stop shutting off our services for nonpayment?" one follower asked Didulo recently. "I just had my water supply shut off today in Stratford, Ontario."

Didulo, a Victoria, B.C.–based woman in her 50s or 60s, had little to no public profile until about two years ago. The short, soft-spoken Filipino immigrant has since rocketed to popularity over the last two years—thanks to other QAnon (a big-tent conspiracy movement that revolves around a secret war against a cabal of pedophilic elites) personalities giving her far-fetched claims of essentially running Canada from the shadows a giant boost. Since being "confirmed" by other QAnon influencers, her reach has grown to include over 70,000 followers on Telegram, many of whom follow her in real life. 

Queen Romana explained to her subjects that "those sending the bills are robots," which I'm sure was of tremendous comfort to people who no longer have service. Thank you, Queen Ramona, for your leadership and your dedication to your subjects!