A funny sketch about racists reacting to the new Doctor Who casting

Forgive me for the tired joke, but "the Doctor is in." I'm sorry, I had to do it. As you've probably already heard, the BBC has announced that Sex Education's Ncuti Gatwa will occupy the TARDIS as the 14th Doctor. While that news would be interesting enough on its own, the excitement around the announcement is dual fold as Gatwa will be the first Black actor to play the Timelord. Even though most sane people are thrilled by the prospect of a Black Doctor, a handful of racists can't get on board with the idea. 

Using his trademark mastery of accents and wit, British comedian Munya Chawawa jumped at the opportunity to poke some fun at the racists who are incensed about the casting decision. Hopefully, Gatwa will stick the landing and force his detractors to eat crow. And with the return of veteran Doctor Who showrunner Russel T. Davies, it's safe to say Gatwa's tenure in the TARDIS will be handled expertly.