Steven He shows the hilarious reality of Asian American life

I love gaining a window into another culture. Whether through media or personal experience, nothing beats being a fly on the wall observing cultural practices divergent from your own. Dramatic movies and television shows written from an idiosyncratic lens can afford an extraordinary perspective when viewing another culture, but I always opt for humor as my point of ingress. In my eyes, humor showcases the subtlety of cultural practices and experiences that one would never encounter unless they're intimately familiar with the group in question. 

I have gained more insight into the various AAPI cultures through laughter than with any textbook. One of my favorite comedians to offer a glimpse into the world of Asian Americans—especially those with immigrant parents—is YouTube's Steven He. He's YouTube channel is replete with tons of videos that showcase his humorous takes on upbringing and family life as an Asian American. If you're looking for a great comedy to help celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month, Steven He's YouTube channel is an excellent source of levity.