You can always start the fire with this match striker on hand

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From steamy date nights to warm summer evenings filled with s'mores, a flickering flame can make all kinds of magic happen. But if you're walking around with a dinky set of matches from that hotel, you stayed at a while back, lighting incense, smoking, and starting campfires can get really tricky — and super embarrassing when you can't get that darn matchstick to ignite.

Save yourself the aggravation of not being able to light a match and ensure you've always got the fire on your side with this super handy Craighill Match Striker. This little guy provides the perfect match-striking cast-iron exterior featuring a deep knurling pattern, ideal for lighting matches with a smooth, single swipe. While it doesn't include the matches, you can keep whatever ones you've got in its open middle, ready for you to grab at a moment's notice.

While you may be wondering why you can't just get another plastic lighter at your local liquor store to light whatever you need, the answer is simple. Not only does buying those things add up monetarily, but their plastic make isn't environmentally friendly, whereas good old-fashioned matches are a way better option. And this match striker makes using them easy again.

At a mere 2 inches tall, this little guy can fit right into your hand, or you can pop it into your bookbag or keep it atop your desk for easy access. And taking care of it is easy, as you can wipe any leftover residue from the match sticks as needed, leaving the striker ready to go whenever you need it.

Another brilliant gadget to come from the Craighill shop, based in Brooklyn, New York, this match striker is thoughtfully engineered for easy and convenient use. And judging by the brand's 2.2 thousand Instagram followers, this is just one of the many household gizmos you'll want to snag. 

Feel the heat with the Match Striker, available for just $38

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