With a deal on a vaccum like this, spring cleaning can continue right into summer

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From your roommate that doesn't know how to use a plate to your dog that manages to track every inch of dirt from the backyard every time it comes back in the house, a little cleaning action could do your home some good, no matter how big or small your place is. But before you drop a fortune on expensive new cleaning tools, this Jashen cordless vacuum mop may be exactly what you need.

Comparable to some of the most popular vacuum brands on the market today, the Jashen F16 Wet & Dry 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Mop is a potent cleaning tool, capable of cleaning your floors with just a few simple swipes. In fact, in just 30 minutes of use, this bad boy can cover an area of 120 square meters, sucking up dirt and grime like a hungry spring cleaning monster.

Suppose you don't want to spend tons of time vacuuming (and who does?). In that case, this cleaning behemoth combines efficiency with ease, combining the act of vacuuming, washing, and mopping for quick yet effective cleaning sessions. It captures both small and large particles quickly, and it also boasts BRN hair tangle-free technology to prevent hair from getting caught in the mechanism. 

And unlike other vacuums out there, this Jashen model features a unique drying system that prevents the development of musky, moldy odors. It's also built with dual tank technology that always separates clean water from dirty water, ensuring everything it sweeps stays fresh and clean. As a result, the vacuum can properly lift wet stains while still conveying the dirt mixture into the water tank.

With a name like Jashen, you really can't go wrong, as they continue to pump out some of the best cleaning tools at affordable prices. From its self-cleaning function to its 60 minutes of battery life, it's no surprise that the vacuum gets praise all over the net on some of the biggest home goods sites. It even boasts a 4-star average rating across nearly 8,000 Amazon reviews.

Get the Jashen F16 Wet & Dry 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Mop for $279.99 (reg. $299).

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