The She-Hulk trailer is finally here

Watching the Marvel cinematic universe take shape over the last decade has fulfilled countless childhood desires. In the mid-90s, I made peace with the notion that superhero films and television- barring a few outliers- were destined to suck forever. Grappling with the prospect of never getting a good superhero movie was tough enough, but being able to accept that my favorite heroes would remain perpetually obscure was another can of worms entirely. 

Since I'm a massive Fantastic Four fan, She-Hulk has occupied a prominent position in my rankings for Marvel's best superheroine. Whenever I would try to elucidate her awesomeness to friends who weren't savvy about the comics, I would constantly get the same response. "There's a She-Hulk? That sounds pretty stupid, man." 

Well, I hope my friends remember that fleeting and trivial interaction as vividly as I do because Marvel just dropped the first trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and it looks like it's about to become Marvel's next big hit.