An optical illusion makes this 3D printed Homer Simpson sponge holder fantastic

An Etsy seller is offering this fantastic Homer fading into the bush sponge holder, where it appears Homer fades into the sponge. They offer links to the 3D plans they used to put it together.


This is a 3D printed sponge holder. It has a black raised drain to properly drain the sponge water back into your sink. It can be made with a claw like clasp to hold a suction cup or with no clasp. It was made using PLA plastic which is a non-toxic plastic.

This store is an exclusive seller of this model in the United States and Canada

If you're in the UK and would like this item please visit ClemmyCreations at:

This is a 3D printed model of a 3D model created by 3D artist JAJAUM3D and downloaded from his profile here,

I find 3D printing tedious bullshit and sold my printer years ago. Its nice to have someone else do the hard work.