Kars4Kids jingle goes from annoying to haunting when a piano is added (video)

The Kars4Kids charity is most known for its irritating jingle — an earworm of a ditty sung by children that, once heard, remains lodged in your head for days on end. But replace the cheesy instrumentals with pianist Brandon Ethridge's classically influenced accompaniment, and it becomes downright nightmarish.

As always, Ethridge does not change the voice track when he plays along, and yet, like an audio illusion, it's as if his piano playing somehow touches and mutates the original jingle into a creepier, more haunting version of its former self.

See his "musical meme" below, followed by a video of the original jingle at the bottom of the post, if you dare to listen.

Front page thumbnail image: Kars4Kids/Brandon Ethridge