Former thinker Naomi Wolf says WHO forces will occupy the US next week

The invasion of the body snatchers in Q-land has devoured yet another human mind. The once widely respected thinker Naomi Wolf is now sounding the alarm about a WHO takeover, which will be occupying the United States by next week. Yes, the Beauty Myth author and former campaign advisor to Bill Clinton warned YouTube's Charlie Kirk about the impending coup d'état with a straight face yesterday (see clip below). But she does have hope, thanks to the millions of gun owners who will be ready for the civil war that is about to break out.

"A war is being waged on us, and we have to face the fact. … Thank god for the second amendment," she said. The only reason we are not "enslaved" the way Australia and Singapore are is "because we have millions of owners of guns. … it is harder to subjugate an armed population."

"I really hope that it doesn't devolve into civil war, which is really what the next thing is in history when you have an occupying force," she said, "which is what the WHO will be, you know, by next week."

Naturally, when next week whips around, Wolf will be on to an entirely new conspiracy theory. That's just the way this disease works.