How entering a flow state can heal

There's a meme that keeps floating around the self-development/self-help pages on Instagram that I follow. The crux of the meme's message is that every person only needs three hobbies: one hobby that keeps you in shape, another that earns you a paycheck, and some activity that keeps you creative. I've often thought that one of the tragedies of adulthood is that we jettison a host of the "childish interests" that nourish the soul. I suppose that's why we've seen the rise of adult coloring books. It seems like society is finally starting to realize that recreational activities that stimulate creativity aren't as useless and trivial as they appear. 

In the video embedded above, Steve Kotler from the Flow Research Collective explores how actively attempting to enter a flow state—either through hobbies or experiences—can help heal trauma. Kotler even imagines a world where doctors could prescribe flow state experiences to combat depression.