Turn any room into a far-off galaxy with this epic projector

Even if you've spent hours scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram looking for interior decor ideas to no avail, perhaps something a little "otherworldly" would give your space that something special. Whether it's your kid's room or your living room, a quick transformation doesn't have to be as complicated as you think.

Before you start painting your walls, take a deep breath and check out this Astro Alan Galaxy Projector. This projector is a non-permanent solution to interior design and serves as way more than a treat for the eyes. Packed with eight different high-definition nebulas to choose from, this gadget lets you experience what it'd be like to float in space without ever having to even get off the couch.

While the Astro Alan™ Galaxy Projector adds an exciting flair to any room, it can also serve as a great sleep aid, with hues of blue, magenta, and purple that can rock you to sleep. It's also great for creating a fun atmosphere to spend a night at home with the family, reading stories, watching movies, or just hanging out. 

The Astro Alan is incredibly easy to use while still being customizable. With its accompanying remote control, you can pick from 8 nebula designs, all different in scale, color, and even speed. You can also adjust the brightness, set timers, and more. There's also a shut-off feature, great for bedrooms, that lets you pick from either 40 to 90 minutes of run-time before it turns itself off. 

Having earned tons of praise online, including a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon with nearly 50 reviews, the Astro Alan proves to be a great addition to any space. And at 32% off its regular price, you can feel good about putting one in every room in the house! 

Get the Astro Alan™ Galaxy Projector for $59.99 down from 89 bucks.

Prices subject to change.