Stock up on 12 bottles of hand-selected wines delivered to you for $85

There's no better feeling than the start of summer when the weather is finally enjoyable enough to sit back and relax with your favorite bottle of wine. You can sip on your glass of wine by the pool, beach, or at fun summer parties with family and friends. Of course, the less-than-enjoyable part is driving to the liquor store every weekend for bottles of wine that you may or may not love, but that can all change with Winc Wine's expertly-curated 12-bottle delivery service, now just $84.99.

Winc Wine believes "that the experience of getting a great bottle of wine should be as simple as enjoying one." So it tailors your experience with a quick and straightforward Palate Profile Quiz, which will evaluate your taste and come up with personalized bottle recommendations. This pleasant and individualized online experience can make you feel like you have an at-home sommelier, and who doesn't love that?

Winc not only provides convenience, but it also curates over a hundred high-quality bottles of wines ranging from a Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and much more. Its bottles are also labeled with beautifully designed unique artwork, and the Huffington Post shared, "you'll want to display, even after every drop is consumed." So if you're pleased with your Winc wines, you can continue to get hand-selected wines delivered to your door every month. 

Take it from this five-star customer review, "The ordering process was very easy and the shipment arrived early and intact with no damage. I'm very satisfied and I would recommend this service to my friends and family." 

The best part is that these great-tasting and great-looking wine bottles come at an affordable price. Typically worth $155, this 12-pack is now on sale for only $84.99, coming out to less than $8 a bottle, an opportunity you can't pass up as a wine connoisseur.

Prices subject to change.