Don't be a chump – check out these tourist traps to avoid if you're headed for Miami

Miami isn't known to have more tourist scams than other U.S. cities of its size, but it does have a few traps to avoid, especially in the South Beach area, according to YouTube's Wolters World (see video below).

Travel vlogger Mark lists what he sees as Miami-specific scams travelers should avoid, including:

• "The bait and switch at restaurants and bars," a too-common trick that lures tourists in with the promise of "three drinks for $20" or something similar, only to entice you with a gimmick drink — such as a comically oversized cocktail that ends up costing $40.

• Padding the bill, in which a restaurant slips an extra item or three onto the check that wasn't ever ordered (an unserved appetizer, beer…). "It's easy to kind of slip something in — you want to check that."

• Over-priced food in South Beach. "Even if you're going a few blocks away you can save yourself a lot of cash … Honestly, all these restaurants over here," Mark says, pointing to establishments on the touristy Ocean Drive, "you're going to pay a lot more for maybe not as good of food as other places … you can get better Cuban food other places in the city."

• Promoters in front of clubs who make false promises, such as handing out wrist bands to get you "free drinks" or "in for free" — in many cases the useless bands only woo a tourist into the club. "If you want to go to a club, go to the club, but don't think the promoter is going to get you any extra help or extra discounts."

• Flying into Fort Lauderdale instead of Miami to save a few buck on air travel. Unless you're renting a car, what you save in airfare will likely be a wash once you pay the taxi or Uber fare.

For the most part these traps aren't going to ruin a vacation in the Sunshine State, but no one want to be a sucker. Here's the 4-1/2 minute video in case you're headed that way: