Introducing: Covid sniffing dogs

Just when you thought mankind's best friend couldn't get any better for our health—they already boost our immune systems and sniff out illnesses with their hyper-sensitive noses—here come the Covid-sniffing dogs.

According to Smithsonian magazine, early studies, and some anecdotal evidence, indicate that dogs can detect cases with an amazing level of accuracy. 

The dogs' powerful snoots identified positive Covid-19 cases among 335 people at 97 percent accuracy after taking a whiff of human sweat samples, reports Aria Bendix for NBC News. And during the tests, the team found that the canines found all 31 Covid-19 cases in the 192 patients showing no symptoms. The study, led by Dominique Grandjean at the Alfort School of Veterinary Medicine in suburban Paris, was published in PLOS One. It suggests that with the proper scent work, canines could help obtain test results fast in mass screening efforts and reduce the need for invasive nasal swab tests.

Again, I have to ask, if dogs aren't the best animal on the planet, what else could be?